I’ve had to Postpone my wedding – now what?
We all know that the decision to postpone your wedding is the most responsible and sensible one right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a disappointing and heart-breaking one, and we know it has been for so many- which breaks our hearts too! 

Don't beat yourself up for feeling sad, allow yourself some time to grieve the date you had dreamed of and planned for so long. 

There are many challenges that come from this and emotions to follow, and that’s why we want to do our best and offer you our guidance on what to do next…

Once you've given yourself some time to feel sad remember your wedding day is postponed not cancelled, and all of your family and friends will be so excited to celebrate with you when they can. In fact this extra waiting (and extra planning time) will make the celebration all the more joyous, and there will be so many more reasons to party after all this is done!
In fact your wedding may not be on the date you originally planned but it is quite likely to be even better than the original…

Now here’s a few tips from Team Glenfall on what to do after you have agreed a date with us for postponing your wedding;

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Let your suppliers know

Once you have made the decision to postpone and set a new date for the day, you should confirm the date with all of your wedding suppliers. You might want to do this personally over the phone to explain the situation and gain some immediate answers. 

We’re all in the same boat which therefore means your suppliers will most likely be facing the same obstacles with movement of dates and flexibility, and if you are using our recommended suppliers we will have already helped you check with them about whether they are free on your new date, so this won’t come as a surprise to them!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a tremendous amount of support in the wedding industry and a united ‘we will do everything we can’ attitude from wedding suppliers we know well and work with.

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Tell Your Guests

Now that you have dealt with dates and admin it’s time to tell your nearest and dearest. A hard task but one that everyone will understand (and probably be very grateful for- no longer having to make the choice to put themselves at risk or miss your wedding day) and move mountains to make sure they are with you, whatever day of the week or time of the year! 

Start off with your closest family and friends; those who are part of your wedding party or have a big involvement in the day as they may be able to help with calling around as, depending on the size of your guest list, this may be a hard task to undertake all by yourself.
Again, letting guests know sooner rather than later will mean that they can make all necessary arrangements with travel and accommodation. If you have already sent out wedding invites and don’t want the cost of doing it again, why not follow up with an electronic ‘Change the Date’ – there are many lovely suppliers out there offering this as a free service to help anyone that has had to postpone.

Illustration by Sierra Designs Studio

Mark the Date!

Don’t let your missed date go by without raising a glass or two to mark it! 

It’s still a special date and one that you will always remember. Here are some of Glenfall ideas to give it a ‘cheers!’

• Enjoy a romantic meal and bottle of bubbly together on the evening that would have been the big day.
• Do something fun and recreate your first date – this could call for extra creativity working out how to do this inside at home if it was on a beach or at a posh restaurant- but it’ll make it all the more fun and hilarious!
• Do something together at home which will mark the date visually- plant a tree together in the garden (or a pot plant in the window). Paint a room a new colour or make some artwork together which you can frame and keep. There are lots of things online that can help you with this such as a virtual Brush Party. Use this time to make a perfect nest for married life
• Have a virtual ‘Houseparty’ with your bridal party, sing, dance and laugh and toast to what is yet to come, remember to take some photos/screen shots! We’d love to be able to share these for you in celebration of your ‘original’ date!

When your friends marry on Zoom

Use the Time

As we now find ourselves with quite a bit more time on our hands, it’s actually a real blessing if you have a wedding to plan (or bits to re-plan!) 

What better way to alleviate the boredom than to utilise it and tick off all those ‘wedding to do’s!’ such as making the perfect wedding playlist, making some DIY décor, box up and organise it all. 

Get stuck into that pre-wedding workout regime so that you are feeling your best and energised to get back into planning. 

It’s also a wonderful time to stop and be together. The lead up to a wedding and planning can sometimes get a little too much and you can get lost in it. 

The situation we find ourselves in now is a force to stop and pause, to appreciate the beauty in the simple things and love for one another.
Remember we are still working here at Glenfall, so if you need any help or inspiration just let us know, and also if you want to have a video chat with us, just to remind you what we have at Glenfall; just let us know. At the moment we have the Glen set as a ceremony room, and the Ballroom set for a wedding breakfast! 

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