Proud Sponsors of Longlevens Infants FC
It's a cold Sunday morning and the alarm sounds - hurried feet and excited mumbles it is time for little league!

Local football is held dear in the hearts of family life for many Glenfall House staff which is why we are very proud to be sponsoring Longlevens Infants FC, encouraging the next generation to take up football and learn the value of team spirit!

Once the new kits had arrived for the boys we invited them along with Coach Neil to Glenfall House to collect them all and impress us with some football skills.  

Longlevens, in its current format, was formed in 1954, although it is belived a Longlevens team had been in existence before the Second World War, but that it folded in 1952! They run 5 Senior Men’s sides, 1 Seniors Ladies sides and a range of youth teams for both girls and boys playing across the county and the South.

"We are proud of the brand of football we play at LIFC.
We believe in playing the game as it should be played. Whilst showing respect to our opponents, officials and each other."
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